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A Sandite is a resident or native of Sand Springs Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa. Also a student in the Sand Springs school system. Sandite can be used with a positive connotation: "Your Sandite pride shows in how you give of yourself to help the community." It can be used with negative connotation: "Nothing says classy like a bunch of Sandites having a brawl in the Wal-Mart parking lot."
(Positive) Charles Page was a great man who gave of himself to build the community of Sand Springs as a place for all people to have the ability to have a good life. He is the original Sandite, and example of the best of humanity.

(Negative) Nothing screams white trash like a cluster of Sandites cooking meth in a trailer park.

Charles Page civic pride Sand Springs white trash
by Peter Vincent Methpire Slayer February 08, 2012
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