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Male homosexual sex act. A cart or dolly-like object is placed on the ground. Man (naked) kneels down on dolly. Second man mounts first from behind, placing penis within the first man's anus. By repeatedly thrusting into the anus, the second man propels the cart forward, as if it were a trolley. It is possible, either using their weight or with the first man's hands, to guide the trolley.

(Optional) For the full experience, second man should have some sort of whistle, so as to act like a train conductor.
Jesse: Dude wanna fuck?

Chad: Yeah let's try the San Francisco Trolley again.

Jesse: Only if I can be the driver. Last time you drove us into three walls and broke my nose.

Chad: What so now I'm the taker?
by iWINuFAIL February 14, 2011
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