A town just 15 miles South of San Francisco, Cal home 2 SFO ( San Francisco International Airport )however , San Fran technically owns the land. Also home to a few San Francisco County jails, which are operated by San Francisco County.Also home to Tanforan shopping mall. Has been refered to as ' Trench Town ' but more often just Bruno or SB !! Famous for Suzanne Sommers from Three's Company, Keith Hernandez (Major LEague Baseball) y others

I was in San Bruno the other day and it was really epic, yadidimean?????????
Si, siempre.. Bruno es muy chingon.
by San Brunito April 12, 2006
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A mangy shit-stain on the map, located geographically in the place where San Francisco's ass would be placed. This awful little hell hole is full of a variety of scum. Most notable being: Boy-hungry pedophiles, over breeding trash, your run of the mill burn outs, and gilded peasants. Be sure to use alternative routes,but if you find yourself stuck in San Bruno, do not panic, but continue in any given direction until you are outside the city limits.
I can tell you are from San Bruno by the way you keep eyeing my son you sick creep.
by Just Too Honest March 16, 2016
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