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A person who exemplifies strong dependable qualities, and who is an extremely smart, loyal, interesting, and caring person. Often shy to strangers but extremely talkative to friends, and keeps only a few close ones. This person loves helping others and putting others before themselves. They are also prone to lots of embarrassing and regrettable stories, but a day with them is never boring and they will always enjoy your presence. A great friend to acquire in your life.
Person 1:"Oh that girl never talks, she must be shy."
Person 2: "No I've seen her talk lots... I guess it's only around friends. She must be a Samora."
Person 1: "Yeah, that makes sense. Plus she's in my math class and is super smart."
by tapcs August 15, 2017
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tribbing, red kool-aid, 15 calories, extremely high in protein, and creamy. Samora is the act of tribbing, during which one pours red kool-aid on ones partner and ingests a 15 calorie, extremely high in protein, and creamy snack.
Me: I found this sweet, minority, obnoxious, piece of man ass.
Friend: No Shit! What did you two do?
Me: First we poured hot sauce down each others' anus's then we proceeded to samora all night long :P ->0
by WMVD (Weapon of Mass Vaginal D December 13, 2008
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