A sandwich connoisseur from the Philadelphia area. A samboner will talk for hours on end about slab vs chopped cheesesteaks, Wiz vs American vs Cooper Sharp, broccoli rabe vs creamed spinach in a roast pork sambo, not to mention debates over sambo-producing venues.

Along with "sambo" (noun, sandwich) another variation of samboner is "sambone" (verb, to eat a sambo and assess its merits on video for other samboners).
"Any real samboner knows you need a seeded jawn to soak up the juices in a Roast Pork sambo."

"I can't trust online reviews these days because they are all paid advertisements. I need to talk to a samboner before we order hoagies next week. If it's good, I might even whip out my iPhone and sambone it myself."
by Toastwaver January 22, 2021
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