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Leaving a party early and without telling anybody.
WTF?! did Kyle just Sam Out?
What a pussy!
by XanderALX March 08, 2009
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To leave someone who you aren't yet officially dating completely in the dust for no reason whatsoever. The action usually begins with a pathetic one night stand with your Ivy League ex-girlfriend at a Say Anything concert. When you get excited that your Princeton Princess will get back together with you, she won't because, well, her Princeton Prince is just way smarter than you, at which point, you will settle for the Asian slut just begging to change your Facebook picture to Hello Kitty. You will let her change your Facebook picture, along with your interested in to say that you're gay, and then you will proceed to give her the original innocent girl you left behind's Death Cab ticket.
Shit, the Death Cab concert is tomorrow night? I really hope he doesn't sam out on you.
by Samhater October 10, 2007
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