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For reference, see: Salty Storm

A Salticane is an upgrade from a Salty Storm. A Salticane is cum that is so thick and salty that it yields a high probability of causing great bodily harm, death, or total property loss upon direct impact. A Salticane may also cause mild - moderate damage to other persons or property in close range. A Salticane may cause damage to the penis of the man launching to Salticane. Additionally, anyone within 50 feet of the Salticane should seek shelter as soon as possible.
Doctor: "What is wrong today, sir?"

Man: "I had a huge Salticane last night...My girlfriend is dead, my house is a mess, and worst of all my penis ruptured. Think I will ever have a girlfriend again?"

Doctor: "Not with that messed up cock"
by Cum Prepared January 08, 2016
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