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The village is known to have one of the lowest crime rates in North Lanarkshire due to its rural location. With its various scenic walks, picturesque views for miles and areas which have remained untampered with by man such as the Riven Loch where much wildlife can be discovered, the many that have settled in the village have discovered its quaint and charming friendly community and not many places can boast of 'two landmarks' and 'a natural spring well'.
Some say that the people of Salsburgh are inbred but they clearly haven't been in Airdrie or the surrounding shitehole areas such as Plains.

Also define Airdrie.
Callum:- 'Have you been to Salsburgh recently? They have 3 sheds and a mountains of sheep!'
David:- 'Oh yes Callum...Airdrie is the big cheese ain't it? At least when we fall over we fall on wool and not dirty hypodermic needles!'
by Xbox360FanKid January 29, 2011
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