Salmon Arm is a touristy but cool town in British Colombia that is known for it's great fishing and hiking. However it became famous in 2016 when in two separate and unrelated incidents, fathers were arrested for hitting their young daughters after they found out the girls were passing out nudes and nasty porn all over school. The fathers got in a shit load of trouble but managed to stay out of jail. It's unknown if the two girls are back to passing out nudes and porn all over school.
Dude, if you go to Salmon Arm in the winter, you sure as hell better like snow.
by oceancats February 11, 2017
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Salmon Arm, British Columbia is a pleasant little town that gets colder than a son of a bitch in the winter but is known for being a nice place for doing outdoor stuff if you don't mind freezing your ass off. The town became sort of famous a couple of years ago when an attention seeking 13 year old girl started sending nasty porn of herself to all the guys in town. Her daddy didn't like it so he womped her on the arse with a belt and the attention seeking little thot ran to the police and reported him. She got lots of attention and loved the publicity. And then a year later another little thot in town needed attention so she started sending out porn all over. When he daddy smacked her she also ran to the police. Neither father went to jail but the little hoes are now even more conceited and attention seeking and are back to sending porn of themselves all over school.
Salmon Arm is a little town in the middle of nowhere that has some really attention seeking little thots with enormous egos that love running to the cops when the fathers try and keep the girls from being hoes.
by hnoss August 24, 2017
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its when you fist either a girl or a guy closer or up to your elbow.
"Whats that smell dude?"
"its my Salmon arm" or

when you go to salmon arm, BC, at around 4:15-5 AM it has the remnant smell of MY salmon arm.
by Jonni Homicide September 30, 2009
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