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Saket Ranjan means "Lord Shri Rama" who is referred to as the मर्यादा पुरोषोत्तम राम



Saket is the ancient name of Ayodhya- the birthplace of Lord Shri Rama. Ayodhya is also known as the Vetican of Hindus. It is said that the City Saket was Constructed by the Gods themselves and hence it is considered as the most sacred place on the earth. In mythology and even hindi poetry, सकेतनगरी has been desscribed as a very pious place and next only to the heaven.

Saket is also the name of a famous book pf poetry by Maithili Sharan Gupt. In this book he writes the Ramayana from Kaikeyi's view and how a mother would have felt.


Ranjan means source of happiness, pride and satisfaction as evident in the word: मनोरंजन: मन+रंजन


Now, in accordance with the meanings of the two words above, the word, Saket Ranjan means "the one who is the source of happiness, pride and satisfaction for Ayodhya." Which in turn means Lord Shri Rama, who is supposed to be the Complete Man, sans all vices and ideal of how one should conduct themselves.
मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम राम is the only existing example of "Saket Ranjan." As it has been adequately explained above the name means Lord Shri Rama and hence no equivalence of the man with the name can exist in the Universe.
by आजाद January 09, 2012
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