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This is the definition for SCHS in Racine, Wisconsin.

Apparently, it's been around since the Civil War and at one point had some thousand kids in attendance. Most of this is lore seeing as there is no possible way that such a broken down school could have earned that much revenue and exist in its current state.

The exterior looks friendly enough. There are bullet holes in the windows and some sort of dilapidated, playing field, once used for the ancients and their ballgames, now rendered entirely useless. No one is quite sure why it's there.

Enter the building and you are immediately alerted to the strong smell of feces. SCHS is a special school in that someone is responsible for having diarrhea in at least one of the toilets every day.

The social structure of the school is curiously divided into "STEPs" as opposed to homerooms. No one has any idea what the acronym means. Within each STEP, there is guaranteed at least 5-6 obnoxious sluts, 1-2 braggarts, 1 annoying punk, 3 people who don't go to STEP but smoke weed in the bathroom, 5-6 self-righteous jocks, 3-4 minorities and 1 loner.

Sports are a big issue at SCHS. If you're not in a sport, you suck. If you're in a sport but it isn't basketball or football, you suck. If you play basketball or football but you aren't a starter, you suck. If you're a starter but the team doesn't win 80% of their games, you suck.

Thus is life and existence at Saint Catherine's High School.
SCHS jock: "I hate Saint Catherine's High School. The teachers suck and the kids are fags. I'm going to Case."
Everyone else: *Thank the Lord*

SCHS female: "Don't you love Saint Catherine's High school?"
SCHS loner: "Not really."
SCHS female: "What a creep..."

Prairie School Student: "He was kicked out of Prairie, so now he goes to Saint Catherine's High School."

Lutheran High Student: "I was kicked out of Saint Catherine's High School, so now I go to Lutheran."

Walden Student: "I go to Walden, it's right next to Saint Catherine's High School!"
Case, Horlick, SCHS, Park, Lutheran and Prairie Students: "Who the hell are you?"
by Gustaverson July 16, 2011
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