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She’s smart, beautiful and caring. A lot more stubborn than she would like to admit. She’s absolutely breath-taking. Once she’s yours, never let her go. It’ll be the worst mistake of your life.
I love you very much, Saidee.

Saidee is mine. And I am hers.
by J.Polluck July 15, 2018
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I couldn’t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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Saidee is a sweet caring girl who goes out of her way to make sure everyone is happy. She is not the smartest but very smart. She always gets every project/ homework assignment/ task done first.
"Woah did you see Saidee do her homework instead of eating?" Lol no
by Cookiez_Rulez March 03, 2018
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Saidee, is sexy & funny loves to make people laugh! Yes that's my saidee
Saidee, loves to give me sex and make me Happy! Yes saidee is my sex companion
by Randeeno September 27, 2017
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A Saideeis a type of female to play guys. So a Saidee is basically a hoe. She thinks she’s the best in the world but in reality she’s equal to a bug.
Look at Saidee cheating on her boyfriend
by Shadow_24 September 23, 2018
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