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Spiritual Guru of India who is the avatar of the present Era for many. HE was kinda bored in his formless omnipresent existance that decided to come down to earth in a little human body to give us a hand in our own path by teaching us advaitha while giving us robes and giving Darshan, thus promoting attachment to his divine form and making the way a lil bit too much.

Kinda short and out of Fashion, (orange is so not IN) he has the 'Fro of the jackson five stylist. He can create anything he wants with a movement of his hand (but his real miracle are the transformation of the people hearts- i mean they transform into purity and love, not into other forms of life LOL) and not even a leaf of a tree falls without his will, so dont even bother taking a bath and shaving (not to mention wiping up ur ***).

He is homie to a bunch of devotees and several Kashmiri shop keepers.

Most followers call him Swami when he has nothing to do with the Swami order, and just because he dresses in orange. Is like calling Darth Vader an Emo because he dresses in black.

He teaches universal truth and came to stablish the return of Dharma (part three will be called Dharma Reloaded).

He gives us teachings and discourses that we listen and comment and even discuss but we never follow.

Most probably he will have to come back a few more times to do Extra-Hours as another Avatar so we can all attain Moksha. Yay Sai Ram
(in a Coffee shop in a posh Mall)

-Did you read Sai Baba's discourse on Ceiling to the desires?
-But of course!!! I find it awesome. Everybody should have a copy and read it. btw i hate this cake let me ask for another one maybe the carrot cheesecake will do fine... listen if u dont like that expresso leave it ill get u a chilled coffee with ice cream and chocolate , ill pay with my american express...
- Oh thank you !!! By the way did u just saw those Jimmy Choo's shoes on that store? just $500 what a bargain!!!
-Yes i bought a couple last week, but i didnt get the red ones!!!
-I got the Black ones but have nothing to combine them with.What are you waiting for why dont you buy the red ones?
-Lets go then !!! .. What was i saying? oh yes... Ceiling to the desires... everybody should practise it
-Yes everybody... few people follow unfortunately...
-Good thing is we set the example, people look up to us
by Xsergio January 26, 2009
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Saibaba is a spiritual group who has adjustified themselfs to the modern multi-media culture which is in existence today!
Did you hear about the Saibaba group?

Aren't they like a bunch of hermits? ?

No, they're modern, they have a website written in html 1.0!
by The Autofellatio-machine September 21, 2007
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