The best dancer of them all. It is often said that it was Jesus himself who granted saho his impeccable dance skills. However, jesus grew tired of saho's constant dancing and cursed him, so that he would have do dance forever.
by Sahodancer April 2, 2018
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Saho is a wonderful girl - smart, funny, beautiful. Saho is very special and one in an infinity - you are a very lucky person to bump into a Saho. Saho is commonly found around a Zarah, making jokes about meercats with frog faces or gravely discussing society. You can spot a Saho in Hell, hanging out under the gym, or at her home laughing at Sheldon. A Saho is kind and lovable but she has sass and class so stay on her good side.
I love you so much, Saho!

Wow.. did you see Saho in math yesterday?

'Whos your best friend?'
by im.going_tohell November 27, 2017
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An acronym. It stands for "Stay-At-Home Order"
^ Hey, did you hear about the Londoners who are being held captive in their own homes against their will?
> No! What happened?
^ They're SAHO in Soho...
by thurbsy January 27, 2021
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