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The word Sahithi is a south indian name of a girl.

Sahithi is a word used for a girl who is charishmatic. She always has a big smile on her face. She is a good natured girl who is friends with everyone. She gets obsessed with her crushes but gets over them easily when that particular phase ends. She has a warm heart. She has a beautiful smile.
Look at her.. she's such a great person. She must be sahithi
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by hannahbaker58 June 14, 2018
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Sahithi comes from the Indian word which means, "Literature". Unknown word which means, "a girl with full of ego." She never wants to listen others. She makes people cry, she makes people laugh, totally she plays with the hearts. That's her hobby. We can't know her heart. English word which means, "love."

"Sahithi" is a very good meaningful and beautiful name.

The person who feel proud to be named as "Sahithi".

Someone also suggested the name is an Telugu word which means, "The one who does good for every one."
Stop being such a sahithi.
by googleisabeast October 24, 2014
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