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A medium sized school that belongs to the Sachem district that is known for having a overpopulation problem jack asses leaving three car gaps the six grade drug dealers and fucking savages who start "fights" by calling each other pussies and never really punching each other and kids that call someone gay then say "SUCK MY DICK"
by Finglefoobus October 21, 2016
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A school on Long Island, part of Sachem School District. Things were going fine for Sagamore until the 2016-17 year, when a portion of the kids from Sequoya were thrown into Sagamore. Now, Sagamore has a VERY bad overpopulation problem, and requires maximum effort to make it through your day.
Guy 1: Bro, I fucking love Sagamore Middle School!

Guy 2: Not for long bro, next year those rich Sequoya fucks are coming!

Guy 1: Awww shit!
by TowersTheKid November 06, 2016
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A shitty fucking crowded ass middle school owned by the sachem central school district. Ever since those goddamn sequoya kids came into the school, the place has been riddled with nonstop drug deals and people giving birth in the girls locker room. There are a few things of yours that end up lost during your years in the crackhead school. Your foreskin, virginity and the rest of your dignity and self esteem. Never enroll your well behaved kid in Sagamore, for you will lose all control of them completely.
Person A: dude I have to switch school districts.

Person B: oh fuck man please don't let it be sachem

Person A: don't worry man! I've already started my drug deals. They're not that hard to establish here at Sagamore Middle school.
by June 04, 2017
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A middle class school in the Long Island suburbs that is owned by sachem school district. It has an overpopulation problem. Now that the Sequoya kids are here it's even more crowded.
by UrbanDBoi February 26, 2017
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