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Safron -usually a girl in her teens; she is an amazing, kind human being. Safrons tends to be quite outgoing and always dedicated for her friends. They are even better girlfriends. Safrons are usually good singers, dancers and also take in a comedian stand amongst her close friends. If you ever meet a safron, consider yourself lucky.
" omg! She is so pretty! Shes deffo a safron"

" Dude, that girl is deffinatley a safron"
by Sausage sticks January 22, 2017
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Safron is a girl who flares her nostrils as far as possible, and sits in the mosty awkward positions! She loves cats, especially those called Jack, and never goes to the gym with her sister!
Sister: "Safron come to the gym with me"

safron: "no"
by Clomo1 December 10, 2010
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