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A slight tap (but often harder) during rough sexual intercourse role-playing to let your partner know you have had a little too much, or it's a little too rough.
Lance and Trixie were role playing "underground prison sex in Beirut."

Lance eased his hog into Trixie, who was tied up on a love swing. The 6 hits of liquid blotter acid he shot into his eye earlier got him going a little too much, and Trixie had to give him a safety tap to slow him down a little.
by Jrubadub August 04, 2011
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The process of having intercourse with a really unattractive girl/guy, to ensure you don't catch an STI.
Andy says: I gave that Jodie a Safety Tap last night...
Mike says: Yeah, But she's a minger.
Andy says: Meh, at least I won't get AIDS.

by 123456789123456789abc April 27, 2009
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