When someone gets so convinced of an idea that they eventually realize is bullshit, but then can't tell anyone because they spent so much time telling everyone around you how great it was.
He used to tell us about dinosaurs still being alive all the time, motherf#$ker was so safemooned on that shit, never admited he was wrong.
by Twelve Dicks November 23, 2022
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the one and only safemoon, made history in 2021 by exploding after easter day.
I bought safemoon in march and I was a millionaire by the end of april
by Bradlee564 April 5, 2021
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Safemoon is a cryptocurrency that launched in mid-march of 2021. It is determined to reach the moon.
Safemoon to the moon? Safemoon to the moon.
by Akasmyles May 27, 2021
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