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small asian kid. definitely from korea. the good one. likes to pet wenises. loves argentina.
has the most heavenly voice in the world next to adele and the gag-ster. chances are you'll either find her in the library doing homework or eating in your kitchen. she loves cookies...... so be sure to hide them.
strengths: can survive deadly car crashes, smart student, very personable. great in bed.
weaknesses: voldemort, cookies, lady gaga videos. grey's anatomy, pretty little liars, glee, modern family, vampire diaries (if you couldn't tell, TV junkie).

if you have the opportunity to meet a saerom, chances are..... you are one lucky person and you should test your luck in vegas.
Person 1 - "Can I come over to your place? I need some cookies."
Person 2 - "Oh, how Saerom of you."

"I would love to go out tonight, but my scar is hurting so badly. Now I know how Saerom feels when Voldemort is near."
by lordy voldy December 10, 2011
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