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Sadoudi is derived from the Berber word for a beautiful seductress. It was named in honor of a Berber princess from the mountainous terrain of Northern Algerian. It all began in the late 1980's when said princess emerged onto the landscape wide eyed and full of wonderment. She soon gained a reputation in the surrounding villages as putting a trance on all men who gazed into her gaping green eyes. The Berbers thought of her as being their savior. Prophecy had foretold of such a birth that would allow the oppressed peoples of Northern Africa to finally rise against their Arab masters. Soon it was realized, however, that the Arabs were simply too great in number, even for a Berber princess. It was decided to take the princess to a new land in order to train her and get her ready to come back and face the arab demons. After but a few years, her family decided to cross the pond and enter the strange and unpredictable new world. The next few years of her life were spent in obscurity until, by pure chance, she entered the University of Texas at Dallas. This University of was just a ploy by the Arab powers at be to suck the soul out of our heroine. At UTD she still lies, waiting to be sprung free and do what she was born to do. One day she will return home and forever vanquish the evil that has been haunting her people for centuries.

Alternatives for Sadoudi include: Sadoumi, Saboudi, and Saboubi.
Wow look at those Sadoudi lips: Taste like candy, feel like heaven.
by Tuareg November 29, 2007
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