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A beautiful and somewhat sarcastic girl. She always has something nice to say unless you get on her bad side. The only way to get along with a girl like Sadie is to accept who she is and not who you want her to be.

Sadie can be a very serious person but she can also have a dirty mind. She is very sweet but can sometimes become a bitch and piss people off. She can also be very gentle but then turn right around and kick some ass in a sport.
A Sadie has mixed emotions a lot of the time she could be completely in love with one person will she is completely angry with another.

To sum it all up a Sadie Kessler is a beautiful, kind, sweet gentle, romantic girl with a very funny bad side. On that bad side she could be a bitch, who can easily piss you off, kick some ass in a sport or in public, be extremely aggresive, and completely despise you.

That is a Sadie Kessler
OMG she can be such a Sadie Kessler! She just cant make up her mind!!
by LOL-246-Me January 11, 2012
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