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Sacromunchco is an area of Sacramento, California that has more midgets per capita than any other area in the United States. It all began when Charlie Becker opened a hamburger joint called "Small Fries," (which is now known as Burgers and Brew), and began selling "mini burgers." Charlie was the actual Mayor of Munchkinland in the movie, the Wizard of Oz. Due to his part in the movie, Charlie became famous very quickly and his restaurant was a big hit. Two of his co-stars, Jakob Gerlich and Harry Doll (both members of the Lollipop Guild) were looking for work at the time, so Charlie hired them. All three were single at the time; eventually found just the right women to marry, and settled in the area to raise families. Charlie had 4 children, 2 of them midgets; Jakob had 7 children, 3 of them midgets; and Harry had 2 children, one being a midget. Because the restaurant was so successful, the families stayed in Sacramento for many years. Other midgets were attracted to the area because of the notoriety that the 3 families obtained, thus creating a small community of midgets. The public eventually lost it's interest in the restaurant, and the business was sold to another company. The public, however, has not lost its intrique with midgets. Sacromunchco (downtown Sacramento) is a great area to go people watching. One has the opporturnity to see midgets of all ages. Unfortunately, it has also become famous for those undesireable characters who have a secret fetish for midgets.
Hey baby, take me somewhere like Sacramunchco so I can get a small hot dog with my small fries!
by Muncharillo October 06, 2013
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