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Poop that is so big, when it is on its way down it slaps your sack.
When your turd hits the back of your nut sack its like the two things guys pride them selves on most high five each other. Thats a sack slapper!
by Handyandy12345 January 20, 2009
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When your sitting on the toilet dropping the kids off at the pool and the crap keeps coming out in a single piece until it finally breaks off and slaps against your ball sack.
I was sitting on the toilet and the turd was so long that it hit the bottom of the bowl and continued to work its way up the side. When it finally dropped from my ass it slapped my ball sack thus being termed a Sack-Slapper.
by Johnny MuddBone August 07, 2009
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One who spanks the hand across the scrotum in a continuous manner.
Jeff is a sack-slapper, he's been spanking my nuts all night long and they just turned blue.
by Alex January 27, 2003
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