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An amazing girl. If you meet her shes garanteed to make you smile. If you somehow become the object of her affection she will make you fall absolutely in love with her.

She is beautiful. In everyway. She is sexy as hell, and great in bed. Books could be wrote about how sensual she is from her legs to her face, and they would still fail to truely grasp her beauty. She has the eyes that make you never want to look away.

Not only is she sexy as hell though, her personality is incredible. She doesn't judge people. She is nice to almost all she meets. She has dealt with more then one hardship, and has a haunted past. But its turned her into a good person.

She listens to everything from hiphop to country. She wears alot of sweatshirts and jeans. She can pull of any look. She looks good wearing a jersey and shorts of jeans and a t shirt.

She's perfect. Everything that I could ever ask for or dream of plus more. She makes the life of this guy named Cory a shitton better. He fuckin' loves her, and the little jokes they make. P Diddy Schmack Schmack, babe.
"Cory and Sabrinna are a good couple. They promised each other forever."

"Sabrinna is fuckin hott. I kinda wanna put her up against a wall and fuck her until we fall from exaustion."

"The look on her face was great. I love Sabrinna."

"Sabrinna has a great ass... and legs to die for."
by CoryU November 12, 2009
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