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Possibly one of the most sexiest vixens on the planet.
Damn is that Sabrena? Damn she's bangin!!!!
by Big Ralph February 03, 2010
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Sabrena is definitely unique. She is someone beautiful, has a very curvy figure, big boobs, fat ass, aurburn wavy hair, and baby blue eyes with long eyelashes that will make any guy love her. She's definitely a firecracker. She is someone who loves chat with her many close friends. She will be with her friends until the end. Going against her is not a good idea, she is a fighter. She will flirt with any guy, no matter if she likes him or not. Her style is truly her own, cute tops, with a sweater and her toms. It's impossible not to like her. She is beautiful even though she won't admit it. Wild party girl during the weekend but in praise team singer angel on Sunday.
Where's the party? At sabrenas house.
by Stalker01 August 13, 2017
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