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Saathtard (noun)

Often times, a saathtard is smells like shittingson while still maintaining the nigger nugget personality. Much like a mcdumbass, saathtard has the capabilities of inhaling anal farticles via his asshole. This can often times lead to explosions of gas chambers in the anal underworld causing chaos of all the shittards that live their causing them to become niggerpotamus. The niggerpotamus will fly out the ass cheeks when shittingson has reached the final stage the nuclear bomb will go off killing millions
Watch out for that saathtard becoming crusty for farts

Saathtard is coonery of the left nostril

The bootyflakingson was extracted my the shittingsons to form Saathtard
by Anus Enlightenment October 27, 2016
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