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Quirky, successful, understated individuals who shy away from the stigma of driving a BMW or Mercedes. According to Top Gear, Saab Drivers are members of the ‘ intelligentsia’, including but not limited to architects, graphic designers, civil rights lawyers, and specialist doctors.

Saab Drivers usually identify with one or more of the following reasons for having purchased their vehicle:
- Integrity and Spirited Engineering
- Design with meaningful lines through the whole body and details which support the wholeness
- Understatement
- Trustworthiness
- Intelligent and nontraditional solutions to major and smaller problems
- The courage to think and act (in the developing of cars) for good and sensible reasons, instead of commercial “fanciness”/trendiness
- Fist Class in Safety
- High performance turbocharged engines
- Saab's iconic cult-like following
- Care about the environment combined with driving-pleasure
- Admiration for a small brand with a very innovative heritage
You’ll never hear anyone say ‘look at that lunatic in the Saab’ or 'That Saab Driver is such a hot headed prick'.

There’s a bit of a cult of Saab in the UK. Saab drivers wave to each other as they drive by.

While the yuppie masses scoot along in their 3-series BMWs and boring Lexuses, a Saab Driver flies by in a turbocharged rush.

Most Saab Drivers owned an Apple computer before it was trendy.
by saabhob February 11, 2013
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A person who does not know how to drive, fix their car, or how to not come across as a total spouche. They are often unaware of people around them because of how awesome they deem themselves to be, and only socialize with other Saab drivers because they're they only people lofty enough to notice that the other person exists.
Many Saab drivers like to pretend their car is a jet, a plane, or even sillier still, driven by its rear wheels.
I was pulling out of the parking lot and almost got clipped by some Saab driver...
by sneuros December 05, 2011
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