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An acronym for 'sleep where you (u) fall'. Used at parties or any social gatherings, and means that you go to sleep wherever, there is no specific sleeping area, sleep where you stop.
Tom: Hey, you know when we go to Harry's tonight?
Josh: Yeah, what about it?
Tom: Shall I take me sleeping stuff?
Josh: Nah I think people will be to off their face to care, we'll SWUF it.
by joshybear October 11, 2010
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Single Women's United Front

The cult into which you are initiated the moment you find yourself flying solo. A tight-knit coven of similarly carefree young women who understand the decreasing number of their members the nearer they get to 30. A Frightfully loyal and strong friendship group who will always be doing fun things on Sundays.

(As a former member, you will be politely invited to these events, but they won’t bat an eyelid should you decline the invitation. After all, you’re probably being forced to watch a recorded episode of Top Gear while they’re dancing on tables at Lovebrunch.)
I love my boyfriend but I keep getting WhatsApps from the SWUF who are in Ibiza getting mashed and licking vodka off 8-packs.

I want to go the the Wildlife Photography Late Night at the Natural History Museum with the SWUF and meet weird hipster arty dudes and maybe have sex with them too.
by schmuffin October 01, 2014
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