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An acronym for Straight With Bisexual Tendencies. Someone who identifies as straight, but will have an emotional and/or sexual attraction to the same gender occasionally.
Jake: That guy was hot.
David: Dude, are you gay?
Jake: No, I'm SWBT.

She only wants to date and have sex with men, but she masturbates to lesbian porn.

He loves women, but will knowingly checks out other men.
by bandam October 03, 2015
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An acronym for the most elusive qualities found in a select few lucky women. Stands for "Small waist, big titties"
Guy 1: That girl Pat is hanging out with is perfect for him.
Guy 2: She'd be perfect for anyone, she has the elusive quality
Guy 1: Oh, you mean she has SWBT. Yea, I agree.
by ravvo December 08, 2012
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