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One of the greatest party schools in the SUNY system. Why? Because there's nothing else to do in Fredonia! However, it's still more fun, friendly, and unique. At least half the school is either a music or an education major. The weekends start on Thursday (sometimes Wednesday) and Sunday morning breakfasts at Cranston are where it's at. Fredfest is one of the most anticipated weekends for every Fredonia student, and for good reason. There's probably more trees than there is at your school too. Sunny's is the easiest bar to drink at underage, but also the grossest. If you're cool enough, you'll know how to get into the other ones.
Person 1: Hey what school are you going to in the fall?
Person 2: SUNY Fredonia!
Person 1: What made you choose to go there?
Person 2: I heard it's a good party school, and the tuition isn't bad.
by artishard June 07, 2009
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College in New York State for many people who couldn't get into SUNY Geneseo. A school which also is known for its scummy bars such as Sunny's and its shitty parties.
Man did you go to that party the other night at SUNY Fredonia?

Um, what party?
by Escape the FATE August 19, 2007
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