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1.SUCKCOCKER, Another discription for COCKSUCKER.

2.SUCKCOCKER, Normaly It's a Male thats a complete Jerk or Asshole.
3.SUCKCOCKER, Someone who's main intention is to fuck you around or just fuck up anything.
4. SUCKCOCKER,A Contortionist or Anything who sucks cock backwards instead of forwards.
1.Refering to a person that intents to bogart the doobie, "Thanks alot SUCKCOCKER
2."You know what that crazy SUCKCOCKER did??" "What??" " He pissed in the dirty clothes hamper instead of the toilet!" "Wow what a SUCKCOCKER"
3. The Contortionist SUCKCOCKER who contorted and twisted themself backwards while sucking cock,m sprained their back.
by katyfreeway January 10, 2015
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