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Acronym for Sexually Transmitted Brain Disease.

All documented cases have been transmitted from attractive yet equally unintelligent women. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: short term memory loss, confusion, loss of basic motor skills, and an increasing inability to turn down moderately attractive women on the basis of intellect.
Is Kyle retarded today. or did that chic give him an STBD.
by milds June 29, 2009
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An acronym. It stands for "Sucks The Big Dick"

1) A term of lighthearted ridicule used to single out somebody or something regarded as having little utility or appeal (eg, Roger Goodell STBD)

2) Also used to express mild to moderate disappointment over an unfortunate turn of events, situation, or state of affairs
Husband: What time's the wine tasting ?
Wife: Huh? It's postponed, you idiot
Husband: Really? What for?
Wife: Because of the snow storm. That's what for. Hello?
Husband: *looks outside* Oh, yeah. Ha! Well, that STBD
Wife: duh
by AcheNot March 14, 2017
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Sure To Be Deleted. Any post on the internet that will surely be deleted by site moderators.
Check this dude knockin everybody with his posts, including the moderator. That STBD shit won't be there for long.
by GeekMalone July 25, 2014
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