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STARTICLES: (stär'ti-kel-z)
1A. Amateurish and inexperienced writing OR
1B. First drafts and warm-ups of the real article or written piece.
2. Shocking Articles! Pieces so surprising or scandalous they give the reader a start.
3. A student lawyer ‘starting his articles,’ is beginning a stage of postgraduate training for his law degree. He is therefore doing his 'starticles'
Example 1: Even famous New York Times columnists have several STARTICLES before perfecting a final submission.
by Coral Francis-Callender May 14, 2008
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A "star article" - a really good piece of premium content in a magazine.
Did you see the piece about the wrongdoings of oil companies in New York Times? A real starticle that one.
by urbanopo June 05, 2010
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