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A clingy person who achieves stage 5 status.... the highest possible
Victoria is an ST5. She’s got more cling than a crab on a pubic hair wrapped in Saran Wrap.
by Skiddy1 July 19, 2018
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ST5 is a word used to substitute any word in the English dictionary. It can substitue a noun, a verb, an adjective, and so forth. Although ST5 can literally mean just about ANYTHING, it usually has a sexual innuendo. Also, ST5 usually has a negative connotation.

ST5 is also a tax exemption form.
"Wow, that dress you're wearing is so ST5!" -- replaces gorgeous or hideous
"Hey, gorgeous, do you want to go ST5 with me?" -- this can replace a various of verbs from grabbing coffees, dancing, and hooking up.
"You are such an ST5!" -- classic ST5 insult.
by TheST5 April 25, 2007
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