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Where we get dressed up to get fucked up, where we cherish our red solo cups, where kegs are dropped in bathtubs, and where we live on the beach.
Where you have gotten dressed to “go out"? and all you have done all night is sit in the Taco Bell or Palmer parking lot on Clark Rd
•Where you shred natty
•Where you understand what the term “drop dome"? means
•Where Siesta key is the only beach for you and you get mad when people say other beaches are better, because you know they aren’t.
•Where you become furious at the idiot ass tourists that let their little sun burnt children feed the seagulls.
•Where you can drink and drive and be home safely
•Where you hooked up with someone in the BC or know someone who has
•Where there are more retirement homes than clubs
•Where there is a distinct period of hell aka tourist season
•Where seeing parents drink and play beer pong with their kids at parties isn't that strange.
•Where Cotillion is an excuse to get a new dress and drink cheap liquor in the car before going inside
•Where you have been hit on and then asked if you are “visiting"? in the village by a local guy looking to score with the tourist girls
•Where you know that the village isn’t really a village
•Where the high schools looked like prisons
•Where you asked your teachers to let you out early so you could get in line for Nacho Day
•Where you have taken pictures by the statues by Marina Jacks
•Where you know your town has one of the highest rates of under-age drinking and your proud of it
•Where you've had plywood over your windows for over a month, and the fucking hurricane didn't even come
•Where you knew they were going to have breathalyzers at school functions, and you drank anyways.
•Where the S.K.O.B is the best plac for oysters
•Where when its 60 degrees out and everyone is walking around wearing mittens and scarves, but they are still wearing their flip flops.
•Where you get caught drinking at crescent beach and ran...with your beer
•Where the girls get in more fights than the boys
•Where you have asked a random guy in the ghetto to buy you alcohol.
•Where people you don’t know ... already know your whole life and have shit against you.
•Where you have bought alcohol without getting carded... form the spot w all know and love
•Where in high school you drank more beer in the T-Bell parking lot then anywhere else!
•Where the vice principal of one of the high schools gets a dui…and is still employed.
That's true SRQ for you.
Life in SRQ is the best there is.
by SRQ LOCAL February 02, 2009
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Sorry random question. Like if your talking to your friends and you remember something and it's completely off subject but you ask it because if you don't you will forget it.
Laura: hey so did u here about julia and robert?

Ellen: yeah, by the way how many times has bret farve said he's gonna retire and then not. SRQ

Laura: No it's fine...i dunno
by playa grande May 05, 2009
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A socially awkward young man who refuses to talk to women under any circumstance. Without hesitation, he would rather sit alone than swim in a sea of vaginae.
He's so SRQ. He ran and hid behind the garbage can when the opportunity to fornicate arose.
by ThatGuyOverThere2584227 September 20, 2009
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