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You know, your typical old white woman (sometimes black). Rich, might give you bad candy, smells like doo-doo, and is a REAL buzzkill.
Jeb) Yo I was drinking some shit and this woman told me to stop cuz it’s disgusting.
Men) Ah, a classic SROW
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S.R.O.W. stands for Some Random Old Woman. It can be used either as a noun or an adjective. What is great about this word is that it is not only used on cranky old ladies but can be used to describe anybody who is uncool, follows the rules by the book too closely, and is anti-fun.

Examples: a librarian who can't stop grilling you for saying a word in the library, a lifeguard who won't let you have fun in the pool, or a teacher who would give you detention for drinking in the hallway.
1. The costly express bus is full of srows who won't cease to flirt with the bus driver.
2. There was a big ass pile of cookies in the school lunchroom, yet our srow-ass teacher wouldn't let me have one!
3. "Did you hear that song by Bobby Brown that sounds like-" - SHHH NO TALKING IN THE LIBRARY! "what a srow."
4. "I was a lifeguard over the summer. " -were you the cool lifeguard or the one that didn't let the kids do anything fun? "Nah I had to follow the rules so I could get a raise." - YOU A SROW
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by RattyBoi August 19, 2018
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