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SRNAs are student registered nurse anesthetists. They work long hours and they do not get paid. They are accustomed to being at the top of their game as an ICU nurse (required for admission), and, when admitted, their ego is crushed to smoldering rubble. You can usually find them a) in a bathtub of their own tears b) at the hospital, crying behind their OR masks or c) faceplanted naked in a deserted alley.
Friend 1: Have you seen Mary lately?
Friend 2: No one ever sees her anymore. She's an SRNA. I did see an unidentified body in the hospital parking lot. Maybe that was her.

"I'm happy to be an SRNA because in 27 months, I'll be a CRNA and it's the best job in the world!"
by brokeSRNA December 15, 2012
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