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It's Not Just A Toast

It's A "Speech" And A "Toast"

It's A . . . SPOAST
A Toast is Short.
A "SPOAST" is a Speech ending in a Toast

General Example:
To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Cheers!

Best Man:
Let me start by saying that I met the groom in school . . . Boy were those some crazy time . . . remember when you and ### stole that cow . . . WELL CHEERS!

General Audience:
I know I was supposed to keep my comments short, but before we raise our glasses I wanted to say . . ..

The Street:
Here's To our Home Boys who have fallen . . . Here's to the up and comers . . . Cheers To My G's!

by Mr. 1st September 23, 2010
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