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Meaning "sitting on my fucking ass". This is something that Comcast technicians in particular do while either waiting to go to another job, or waiting out the rest of the day before going home. Only the most baller of techs may use this expression.
John just got done with his 10-1 install, and now he said he is SOMFA at the bricks.
by Anonymous1625 December 03, 2009
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An acronym that was expanded on during a conversation by a small group of friends in the mid 80s in Spring Valley CALIFORNIA. It was derived from many sayings, quotes, and jokes. "what did the girl say to pinocchio when he she sat on his face- LIE TO ME LIE TO ME"...."mustache rides 50 cents"...."as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit"...."S.O.M.F.- Sit On My Face". In the conversation of retelling those jokes and acronyms I added "and spin" and the Acronym "S.O.M.F.A.S.- Sit On My Face And Spin" was born. it was later used as the name and prefix to names of my World of Warcraft characters in November of 2011 and beyond. I kept it a secret except for a few friends since it wasn't anywhere on the internet, until now. The name Somfas (as a world of warcraft character name) has been recognized on forums and in game as a Twink, albeit a scrub, since 2011 and is still known and associated with many aspects of the game in good ways and bad, depending on who you ask.
by Somfas October 23, 2017
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