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acronym: Sex Or Get The Fuck Out.

Best way to get laid. Weeds out all the crazy bitches.

Where it's used:
1.) Chat rooms for college students.

2.) College parties where you get drunk.

3.) Forums where sad and pathetic geeks can't get cock
Ugly Bitch: "Oh hai! Can we hang out and play Halo?"
Smart Dude: "SOGTFO!!"
Ugly Bitch: "Oh... OK then..." *(sad face)*
Ugly Bitch: "Deal."

Fat Whale: "Hi, are there any guys who like to take long walks on a beach?"
Guy: "SOGTFO!!"
Fat Whale: "HEYY!!! That's not nice..."
Fat Whale: "When can I see you?"

See also: GTFO
by T3kB0iisSoGwed August 11, 2009
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