Acronym for Social Network Check

What one usually does when one first turns on one's computer. Checking one's accounts of social networking websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Ideally, this process is fast and simple, but may end up taking many minutes, or even hours.
Turt_le75: What's up?
probably_eating: Just checking Facebook and Tumblr.
Turt_le75: Next time just say SNC, it's faster
probably_eating: Wanna make out later?
Turt_le75: k
by Mr.PJXN January 15, 2010
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SNC = So Not Couture
1. This gay bar is SNC!
2. This place smells like ass. SNC!
3. That neon pink scrunchie in your hair is SNC!
4. You puked? SNC!
by dirtyondancefloor August 05, 2005
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