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Latino gangsta gurrl wit' her homebase in east L.A., talkin' shit, wearin' colored bandana's, packin' both lipstick AND heat, talkin' trash 'bout other girls stealin' her boo, datin' nasty thugs with big dicks that wear wifebeaters coupled with a fresh pair of Ecko sweats. Don't git herrr stahted, Nah-uh! No you dihhant?!
"That ugly skank stole my man! She's a nasty cholla and is gonna get whats comin' to her."
(gunfire errupts) BANG BANG!
by dirtyondancefloor August 03, 2005
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SNC = So Not Couture
1. This gay bar is SNC!
2. This place smells like ass. SNC!
3. That neon pink scrunchie in your hair is SNC!
4. You puked? SNC!
by dirtyondancefloor August 05, 2005
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