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Stupid Mormon boy; a nickname given to AI3 contestant, Jon-Peter Lewis
That darn SMB, can't do anything right.
by BWAH January 13, 2005
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Sporatic Masturbation Bout - When you just can't stand it anymore. It doesn't matter; back of the classroom, bathroom, under the dining room table, shower, garden, playground, driving.
Man, I was in woodshop and I had a SMB with sandpaper. It was awesome.
by phronemophobia April 13, 2005
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SMBS:verb: Suck my ball sack. Its a form nicer thzn saying FUCK YOU!, Or saying the literal "suck my ball sack". SMBS (sounds like SMIBS) is a lot "nicer" but still gets the point across.
"Hey Jeff! Your a looser"

"Hey why dont you try SMBS!"
by The wordster August 07, 2008
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smack my biatch
The most cooperative, sexy, horny, shy, girl on efnet.

But still sux playing any game online
smackytobtch, smb, alison
by tkg March 21, 2005
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an abbreviation for Scratching my balls is a common element of Internet slang. It was used historically on Facebook but is now widespread in other forms of computer-mediated communication It is one of many initialisms for expressing bodily reactions inspired by smh(shaking my head) or (scratching my head) or which ever you prefer
for example:

JOHN: wats up

Rich: nothing much

JOHN: you going to the party tonight?

Rich: uh SMB Probably not

JOHN: Lol smb
by Oreo N/p April 17, 2010
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