NOUN: skijordue; plural noun: *skijordues

A sport or recreation activity combining skijoring and fonduing. Generally engaged in by a bewildering genre and generation spanning mix of rugged cowboys, gnar freeriders, steazy bros, and fringy fur clad fashionistas united by cheese, adrenaline addiction and mad style.

*also refers to Skijordue event entry fees

VERB: skijordue; 3rd person present: skijordues; past tense: **skijordued; past participle: **skijordued; gerund or present participle: skijorduing

To skijordue.

**not to be confused with Skijordude, a participant in Skijordue
Fashionista to cowboy “I can’t come to the rodeo today I have to brush out my yeti boots so they look sleek for Skijordue tomorrow.”

* Cowboy to steazy bro: “I paid our skijordues so wax your board punk.”

Gnar freerider to cowboy: “Nice horse man, do you skijordue?’

**Fashionista: “Wow there are so many hot skijordudes here”
by Samazon77 December 15, 2017
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