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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is the high class version of SIUC. SIUE students are much smarter, better looking, and more talented than SIUC's students. SIUC students can party...but that's about it. SIUE's students can party and get A's. Their pretty much the s***. With SIUE's popularity increasing, SIUC is now at the bottom of the barrel. WE ARE.....THE E!!!!!!!!!!
Guy 1: You go to SIU?

Guy 2: Yea, SIUE not SIUC.

Guy 1: GOOD! Nice to know you're not a piece of s***.
by jamesfrank October 17, 2010
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Along with SIUC it is basically a glorified community college. The campus is large and wooded but that is about all they have going for them. The social scene sucks and most people want to transfer after the first semester. The degree is near worthless and you need a 15 at most on your ACT to get accepted. As a whole the school is a joke.
I didn't get accepted to any good schools. I guess I'll go to SIUE, at least it isn't Carbondale.
by Sucks to Suck May 16, 2011
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