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Straight-Gay-Best-Friend. A "gay" best friend that happens to be straight.
Lindsey: "OMG, I heard Brian slept over at Gabby's house?!!?"

Abby: "Don't worry, Brian is her SGBF."
by DocJ707 September 18, 2011
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Straight gay best friend. They are just like a gay best friend forever (gbff), but they are straight.
"Dude, why are they going clothes shopping? Is Bill gay?"

"Naw man, he's just her sgbff."

"Oh, that explains it."
by BrokenZebra August 18, 2011
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SGBF an anagram for 'Straight Gay Best Friend'.

A bond made between a straight girl and boy, when the femal party wishes for a Gay Best Friend but only has a heterosexual male friend.

This 'Straight' Gay male friend can be used in situations such as shopping for clothes when a honest sassy opinion is needed. The SGBF is also there to be a sponge to obsorb any tears that fall from the girls tear ducts and will wring out the problem and consul them with chesse medaphors and light humor.

A SGBF is a clueless creature and requires constant guidance as it is prone to subconsciously being a twat without knowing and hurting the ones they hold dearest. A quick kick up the arse every now and again would surfice in achieving this goal.

When a SGBF is created then one must move with caution as they will form an everlasting bond with their creator, broken only by death or accidental hurlage into an alternate universe where men naturally reproduce through bum to willy contact.
"Bloody hell Tahan! Stop being such a cunt"

"Oh Gez sorry Liberty! Man it's weird for me to be a cunt when I'm not sextuality attracted to it, you know because I'm your SGBF"

"Shut up Tahan you faggot"

"It's true... I'm a faggot"
by Asillystupidsausage June 05, 2013
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