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"Subconscious Desire Obsessive Disorder"

This often happens when a person develops strong attractions (Mostly sexual or if you feel some kind of connection to them) to someone but cant really be with them.The subconscious remembers the face of the one your having these feelings for. When ever masturbating or even seeing random people on TV or at the mall, you may begin to think other people look like this person.

Every so often you will see someone in porn who reminds you of the person you want. This happens from something as simple as a hair style , eye color, and even jaw line.
"I think Sara is stuck in an SDOD because of Jace. Can't blame her though , he is the hottest guy in school."

"Chris I think you have an SDOD with Jason. Your obsessed with the hottest jock in school.
by ScottieZ July 20, 2010
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