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The effect one feels the morning after one has been drinking or smoking the night before. the symptoms of "schlougy" are as follows: the feeling of greasy/the need to shower or bath, the feeling of wanting to be unproductive or fatiuged, very comfortable in any position one might be currently in, lazy, everything is extremly funny, one might make up words to descibe things or feelings (for example schlougy) and the urge to talk and watch stand up comedy on TV.
Words that have been created while feeling schlougy have consisted of: kingkincklers, anklesplatures, ninclesplatures, fingfagglers, jimjuplets, jimble jabbers, ganggigglers, fartfagglers, asplitting lintlickers, jinx chicklets, frabric froshener, flapper jacks, chucky georges, and last but not least SCHLOUGY.
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