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SBBT is an acronym that stands for "Small Back Big Tits". This acronym is reserved to describe a comely young lady who is slender and small-boned, yet has very beautiful and prominent breasts. Women that have the acronym SBBT bestowed on them are of exceptional beauty, and the term is used with the utmost respect and admiration.
Dean: "Dude, check out the hottie sitting in the aisle seat in the fifth row...I'm gonna pretend I have to use the rest room at the front of the plane so I can walk by her for a closer look."
Mick: "Oh my God, Bro...check out those knockers and that tiny 19-inch waist of hers...she's the epitome of an SBBT."
Dean: "No shit, Sherlock. I saw her first...I'm makin' my move."
by Nitrolian November 08, 2013
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